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A202 – Acrylic Frame Straight Edge


Acrylic frame 2 layers acrylic with picture sandwich in between.

High quality acrylic with 100% clarity

With Four Corner Magnetic Lock

Include steal rod for tabletop display


4R: 120 X 168 X 10

5R: 196 X 144 X 10

6R: 169 X 230 X 10

8R: 300 X 250 X 10

A4/S8R: 350 X 242 X 8

A3/S12R: 355 X 500 X 8


Pack in brown Kraft box

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High quality acrylic, 100% clarity


Landscape or portrait


pack in box


A202-8R  (300mm x 250mm x 10mm thick)

A202-A4/S8R  (350mm x 242mm x 10mm thick)

A202-A3/S12R  (500mm x 355mm x 10mm thick)