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W022 – White Wooden Frame


Classic white wood frame to accentuate modern or elegant styles Premium quality wood material
High optical clarity glass on front panel (non-reflective glass)
Backing with stand and hook (for tabletop or wall hanging display)

Overall Size

4R – 184 mm x 131 mm
5R – 209 mm x 158 mm
6R – 234 mm x 184 mm
8R – 284 mm x 232 mm
S8R – 335 mm x 233 mm
10R – 334 mm x 284 mm

For more information on sizes above 10R / Request for quotation

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Non-reflective glass, stand, hook and backing.

Easel stand available for size from 4R to 10R only


Composite wood origin from Indonesia


Shrink wrap with 4 corner protector


Portrait or Landscape