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3 Reasons Why Photo Frame Quality Is More Important Than You Think

When we think of photo frames, we often think of them as tools simply meant for art-piece or photograph display. When it comes to how to make a photo better quality, it follows, photo frames don’t play a role. This however, is far from the truth. Below are a few reasons why if you want to improve photo quality, paying attention to photo frame quality actually matters:

1. Preservation

Light, humidity and other atmospheric conditions surrounding us all the time can compromise a quality photo. A quality photo frame will protect your pieces from the elements, slowing down or even stopping such damage. For example, photo framing glass are built with the need for UV light protection in mind, as UV rays reduce photo quality by breaking down the chemical bonds that allow us to see the colour of an object

2. Aesthetics

A high quality photo frame can improve a piece’s overall appearance and feel, perhaps even providing a classy and sophisticated touch. On the other hand, a subpar frame can take away from the artwork and make it appear unattractive and cheap. Which do you think looks better – a wooden photo frame, or a plastic photo frame?

3. Durability

Not all photo frames are equal, and that also applies to how long they can last. For example, metal photo frames are more durable than wooden photo frames. Among wooden frames, dense hardwoods such as walnut or ash are more durable than soft hardwoods, such as mahogany or basswood.

In conclusion, don’t skimp on quality when doing photo frame shopping, there is more to price than at first glance.

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