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5 Ways To Be Creative With Acrylic Frames

Acrylic is a heavy-duty polymer. Many use it as plastic in a broad array of applications. Others also use it as a glass substitute due to its versatility and other properties, which include being more transparent, lighter, and easier to fix.

Acrylic frames are perfect for those who want to add an ultramodern look to their homes or offices. They are also frameless, which can establish a sense of minimalism and sophistication in any space. Moreover, they can fit any scheme of colour. If you like changing your decoration style from season to season, they could still stand out. 

From family photos to patterned wallpaper to the most magnificent artworks—acrylic frames can make everything more pleasing to the eye. Here are five ways to be creative with this type of frame.

Floating acrylic frame

A floating acrylic frame can host a large framed photo or artwork as it is big and wide enough to accent the subject even more. The frame is pinned to the wall using hardware screws. It would seem as if it is really floating next to the wall. 

Floating acrylic frames are usually made available during wholesale frames Singapore purchases.

Extra-large acrylic frame

Wondering how to display your massive artwork? Try it on an extra-large acrylic frame instead! What people like most about this type of frame is that whatever you put in it, whether a photo or a piece of art, it would get the highlight it deserves as there is no frame to distract your eyes. All the attention solely goes to the subject.

Accent it with brass screws

Styling your acrylic frame with brass screws and pinning it to the wall also works. The best example to try it on is your kids’ ABCs and number scribbles.

Put it into a wooden log

An acrylic frame would still look as stunning as it is when placed in a wooden log. Doing this is ideal if you are into rustic spaces or wish to incorporate a rustic vibe into a setting. It could also serve as your tabletop frame, an in-demand frame type used for home interior designing. In fact, many designers stock themselves up with wholesale photo frames.

Attach a laser-cut metal sheet to the acrylic frame

Attaching a laser-cut metal sheet to the acrylic frame and then lining it up with a wooden tray can result in a head-turner piece. It is a combination of modern and rustic too.

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The modern-looking feel of acrylic is still one of the many features that make it a sought-after frame. No wonder it is still so popular even in this digital era. 

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