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What are the 4 Common Types of Frames Used for Photos?

Famous artist Van Gogh famously observed, “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body.” Van Gogh understood the value of frames and how they enhanced the overall work of art. Another view compares it to a canvas that has nothing painted on it.

Most people do not pay much attention to frames, and few even attempt to write a book or teach a course about them in art school. In this article, we will explain the common photo frame types used today and how each variation can affect your style and home decorations and help you decide on purchasing a  photo frame bulk.

Gallery Frame

Gallery frames emphasize the image by using a material called mat in their production. The aesthetic compels the spectator to focus on what the frame contains. And yes, there is a reason why they are called gallery frames they look their best when mounted on a wall with other framed photos.

You can build your museum and art gallery within your home by gathering a collection of images in gallery frames. If you are decorating your home and bare walls, bulk buy frames are a wise investment.

Classic Picture Frame

The most common and well-liked frame among the general populace is a classic picture frame. Simple, solid-color picture frames that are to be a classic or a standard are examples that sometimes less is more.

By simply snapping the edges of the frame open to insert your picture and then snapping them back up to secure the picture, conventional photo frames like the snap frames Singapore are much more convenient. A canvas frame is another classic frame used to draw attention to a hue in a picture to bring out certain elements.

Tabletop Frame

Your framed photos are the first thing guests notice when they come to your house. The perfect conversation starter is when people start asking about the photos arranged above your fireplace, on shelves, or on a side table.

Tabletop frames are a common type of frame used for home interior designing which is why designers have wholesale photo frames in storage. Tabletop frames are used in small rooms to minimize a cluttered look. They are practical and adaptable for any room, according to interior designers.

Floating Frame

A floating effect of floating frames is made possible by clear glass or plastic with bolt-like wood or metal on each edge and offset from the wall. This frame has one-of-a-kind accents that would provide depth and character to your photo.

Floating frames are advantageous for statements, stand-out photos, or large photos. It makes a picture the sole centerpiece of the wall and an artistic focal point for an empty wall. This frame is sold and made available during wholesale frames Singapore purchases.

History in a Frame

Frames are one of the things that will never be outdated or forgotten. Frame designs are heavily impacted by time, and Goodrich continues to bring milestones with every frame.