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Wood Frame or Metal Frame? Which is a better choice in Singapore

Materials like glass, acrylic, recyclable, stone, molded plastics, concrete, and more, are used to make frames. But often, there are only two choices: wood and metal. Yet, which of the two is better for crafting photo frames?

For the longest time, wood has been the primary material known to produce picture frames. However, modern designs and trends favor the usage of metal for photo frames. Both are still readily available to any customers who require support framing their photographs in various styles and hues. Listed below are differences being talked about when comparing metal and wood.


There are three types of wood for frames, Solid Wood, Finger-jointed poplar, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

The most expensive selection is solid, also known as natural wood is recognized as one of the more elegant and beautiful materials. Additionally, it has a limited supply and is more fragile. But customers still purchase them from frames wholesale distributors.

Natural wood tends to shrink and warp under extreme heat or humidity. Natural wood is a high-maintenance material and is therefore, prone to pest infestation.

Poplar wood that has been finger-jointed is made from recycled materials, making it more eco-friendly. This wood is from a fast-growing northern temperate tree typically used to make bulk buy frames.

MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is another product made from reclaimed wood and sawdust. Because it is tenacious, tough, uniform, and needs less upkeep, this wood frame is typically sold as wholesale picture frames and is ideal for amateur framers.

MDF can be used to create a variety of household items, including cabinets, flooring, tabletops, and more.


Building materials and picture frames use metals like aluminum, silver, and bronze. Metal is made a significant change in design, style, and variety in photo frames.

Aluminum is primarily used for metal frames or is more frequently seen in snap frame Singapore manufacturing, in addition to making beer kegs and aviation parts. Metal frames composed of aluminum and other materials are so often packed in wholesale photo frames.

Aluminum is also lightweight and readily accessible. Additionally, solid and corrosion-resistant, this material requires minimal care. Anodizing makes aluminum frames more aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Although expensive, silver metal frames are suggested for novice or casual framers. Even though it is one of the strongest materials for structures, its scarcity drives up the price. however, wholesale frames vendors continue to sell them.

Tin and copper are combined to create bronze. This material could need just as much upkeep as a frame made of solid wood. Bronze can become green when left out in the open for a long time.

Make It Personal

Why not try creating your frame if you haven’t been able to find the appropriate one for your photo? Goodrich pays attention and responds to special frames. They provide a variety of frame materials and designs to fit your preferences. The ideal frame for your precious photograph will then be provided to you.