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5 Certificates That You Should Frame

We all have these certificates that carry special meaning in our lives—so much that keeping them in deep, dark corners of our homes would be out of the picture. We see these papers, which represent the most essential milestones in our lives, as treasures, something irreplaceable, and something that needs preservation. For many, framing these documents would be the most logical thing to do.

Here are the five types of certificates that you should frame so that you will be reminded of all your hard work, tears, sweat, blood, and, most importantly, success.

Award certificate

An award certificate is a recognition of one’s achievement. On a small piece of paper, an award is written in full detail. It can be a certificate of achievement for students and employees, certificates of participation, recognition awards, and so on. It can be granted to individuals as part of ceremonies or even on informal occasions to give them a sense of fulfilment over their completed duty.

Many wholesale frames sellers in Singapore offer frames designed for award certificates.

Recognition letter

A recognition letter is usually sent to an employee to show an employer’s message of appreciation for his or her hard work. It can be a simple thank-you note, an acknowledgement of a job well done, or a congratulatory message.

One of the most effective ways to recognise employees is through a recognition letter. According to Deloitte, at least 85% of professionals want to be recognised for what they do on a regular basis.


A school, college, university, or any academic institution presents a diploma to someone who has satisfactorily passed an exam or finished a course of study. This type of certificate commonly symbolises educational success. 

In Singapore, wholesale photo frame sellers are the first thing that comes to mind of new graduates when planning to preserve their diplomas. 

Specialised training certificate

Training centres give a specialised training certificate to someone who has earned degree-level knowledge at relatively affordable fees. These training centres are typically prominent in their fields—some are even top universities worldwide. If you have undergone numerous training courses already, spending money on bulk buy frames would be a good idea.

Graduation certificate

A graduation certificate is an academic credential that manifests the fulfilment of specialised college- or university-level training. Colleges or universities can award this type of certificate to indicate mastery of a particular area of specialisation.

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A certificate represents your skills, qualifications, competence, and overall accomplishments in life. Impress your family, friends, colleagues, and even bosses by framing these documents and displaying them on your wall. Doing so not only enhances their quality, but also reminds you where it all started, which path you are on right now, and where it will further take you in the many years to come. 

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