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3 Reasons Why Photo Frame Quality Is More Important Than You Think

When we think of photo frames, we often think of them as tools simply meant for art-piece or photograph display. When it comes to how to make a photo better quality, it follows, photo frames don’t play a role. This however, is far from the truth. Below are a few reasons why if you want […]

5 Ways To Be Creative With Acrylic Frames

Acrylic is a heavy-duty polymer. Many use it as plastic in a broad array of applications. Others also use it as a glass substitute due to its versatility and other properties, which include being more transparent, lighter, and easier to fix. Acrylic frames are perfect for those who want to add an ultramodern look to […]

5 Certificates That You Should Frame

We all have these certificates that carry special meaning in our lives—so much that keeping them in deep, dark corners of our homes would be out of the picture. We see these papers, which represent the most essential milestones in our lives, as treasures, something irreplaceable, and something that needs preservation. For many, framing these […]

Wood Frame or Metal Frame? Which is a better choice in Singapore

Materials like glass, acrylic, recyclable, stone, molded plastics, concrete, and more, are used to make frames. But often, there are only two choices: wood and metal. Yet, which of the two is better for crafting photo frames? For the longest time, wood has been the primary material known to produce picture frames. However, modern designs […]

What are the 4 Common Types of Frames Used for Photos?

Famous artist Van Gogh famously observed, “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body.” Van Gogh understood the value of frames and how they enhanced the overall work of art. Another view compares it to a canvas that has nothing painted on it. Most people do not pay much attention to […]